Coastal Turf knows that your lawn is so
much more than just grass, trees, and shrubs.

Weed Control

Are you tired of looking at unsightly weeds on your South Carolina property? At Coastal Turf, we know that unwanted growth on residential and commercial lawns here in the Greater Charleston area is more than just an aesthetic issue. When left untreated, aggressive weeds can compete with grass, trees, and shrubs, depriving healthy plants of vital moisture, nutrients, light, and space. In a relatively short amount of time, weeds can wreak havoc on even the heartiest lawns, causing significant, often irreversible, damage.

Coastal Turf: Total Weed Treatment And Prevention

If you’re tired of struggling with the weeds on your home or business property, Coastal Turf can help. With over 20+ years of lawn and turf care experience, Coastal Turf understands how to eliminate the presence of weeds in your yard. We partner with home and business owners throughout the Lowcountry to develop customized weed control solutions based on your property’s specific needs. Our unique approach to results-driven, cost-effective weed care includes:

Initial Lawn Assessment

At Coastal Turf, we launch every lawn and turf care solution with a property evaluation – and our weed control services are no exception. Our skilled crew of specialists arrives on-premise and performs this free evaluation to gain a firm understanding of the extent of your weed problem. Soil composition, access to direct sunlight, the presence of disease, and insect infestations are just a few of the many components we’ll test and analyze to ensure we know exactly what is preventing your lawn from looking its very best.

Customized Treatment Plan

After we’ve evaluated your yard, Coastal Turf formulates a customized plan designed specifically to achieve superior results on your property. We’ll outline the products we’ll use and a tentative application routine so you’ll know exactly what to expect throughout the process.

Skilled And Trained Lawn Care Specialists

Put simply – the Coastal Turf team knows South Carolina Lawns. Our highly qualified and experienced specialists are some of the best in the industry. Coastal Turf’s staff arrives ready with the very latest available training and equipment to thoroughly and systematically target and treat weeds. Most importantly, our team has the insight needed to adjust our weed control solutions as needed to optimize final results. Our courteous landscaping professionals will go the extra mile, so you are completely satisfied with our service.

Comprehensive Treatment Plans

At Coastal Turf, we understand that sometimes weed control alone is not enough to promote strong, healthy, robust grass all year long. Fertilization, mowing, and irrigation all come into play, helping to prevent unwanted growth and support grass, tree, and shrub longevity. As a leading, one-source lawn care provider in the Greater Charleston area, Coastal Turf offers a comprehensive menu of offerings and service capabilities to ensure our customers have access to everything they need to help their lawns, beds, and gardens thrive!

Stop struggling with weeds. Contact the Coastal Turf team today to schedule your no-risk consultation and hear more about our custom weed control services. Start now!