Unique & Affordable lawn Care Options for the Greater Charleston Area

Coastal Turf

Coastal Turf has been providing unique and affordable lawn care options for the greater Charleston area for over 14 years. We are one of the most respected and experienced companies in Charleston and we will ensure your lawn gets treated with the best products and techniques available.

At Coastal Turf we measure success by the yard. We know our company is only as good as the service we provide which is why we work hard to offer our customers a wide range of lawn care solutions. Take a look below at our list of services and take the first step to achieve your dream lawn.

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This is the flagship service of Coastal Turf. Our lawn care specialists are fully aware of the numerous forces that can damage the health of your lawn. Unlike other lawn care companies, we take meticulous steps to thoroughly investigate your yard using our free lawn analysis. After that, we will design a plan that best suits your needs. This will include a balanced fertilizer specific to the season that will keep your grass healthy all year long as well as insect and weed control as needed.

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Your trees and shrubs are probably your most important investment. They not only provide the focal point of your yard but also provide you and your family with shade during those dog days of summer. Trees can be enjoyed for generations so it’s no wonder why we take tree and shrub care very seriously. After our evaluation, we will treat for insects, disease, as well as keep your trees healthy and strong.

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If you have a new home, new business, or are just trying to re-establish a lawn, Coastal Turf can help. We not only provide fast and efficient sod installation, we also take the time to prepare the soil, fertilize, and treat your new turf to give it the very best chance to become an established, healthy lawn.

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Weeds are the bane of all homeowners. They aren’t just ugly and ruin your yard’s curb appeal but they also crowd and put stress on your grass as they compete for nutrients, water, and sunlight. With customized weed control from Coastal Turf, we will eliminate any annoying weeds you may have and prevent them from coming back.

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If you love to spend time outside in the summer then your lawn probably experiences a lot of foot traffic. Over the years this traffic, as well as thatch buildup, can cause the soil under your grass to become compacted. The compacted soil and thatch work in tandem to deprive your grass of water, air, and nutrients. Over time you will see your grass turn brown and eventually wither away. Coastal Turf can alleviate these problems with our core aeration program.

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Warm days, cool nights, and wet weather are the perfect recipe for fungus to develop in your lawn. It’s impossible to know what’s going on in every spot of your yard. That’s why when you see the symptoms of fungus it’s important to call Coastal Turf right away. Eradicating the problem early is key to preventing it from spreading throughout the rest of your yard. At Coastal Turf we use only the best fungicides to combat common lawn diseases.

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Insect control is a major part of any lawn care schedule. Homeowners in South Carolina know that there is a host of insects that can cause brutal damage to your lawn. We know how important your yard is for hosting outdoor barbecues, bonfires, and other special events. Don’t let your special day get ruined by annoying, biting pests. At Coastal Turf we make it our job to defend your yard from fire ants, mole crickets, chinch bugs, and armyworms.

Fertilization Fertilization

At Coastal Turf, we know firsthand that achieving the green, lush, estate-quality lawn we all dream about begins with fertilization. A robust fertilization approach goes beyond basic surface results. When coupled with consistent water, maintenance, and aeration, custom-blended fertilizers penetrate the soil to strengthen your grass and ornamental plantings from roots to tips, promoting vibrant color, gorgeous texture, and sustainable longevity across every landscape.