Coastal Turf knows that your lawn is so
much more than just grass, trees, and shrubs.

Lawn Care

Coastal Turf knows that your lawn is so much more than just grass, trees, and shrubs. Your lawn is what people see when they arrive at your home or business, making it your first (and often only) chance to make a good impression on guests and customers. Your yard is also the place where you spend time with family and friends, creating memories and having fun. Your property can even dramatically boost your exterior curb appeal and increase the overall value of your home, making year-round care and maintenance crucial.

Coastal Turf: Customized Fertilization Solutions To Help Charleston Lawns Thrive

At Coastal Turf, we understand that, here in South Carolina, home and business owners take pride in their lawns and outdoor living spaces. We also know that proper yard maintenance requires a lot of hard work, consistency, and (most importantly) time. If you’re tired of wasting precious weekend hours tending to your grass, beds, and gardens, Coastal Turf can help. We offer high-performing, comprehensive lawn care solutions designed specifically to help Lowcountry properties flourish.

Our year-round lawn and turf care strategies include a unique mix of services and treatments including:


Every Lawn Care Solution Begins With Our Property Evaluation

At Coastal Turf, we have extensive expertise revitalizing properties in Charleston and throughout the surrounding area. Our qualified specialists understand that regional factors play a significant role in the look and feel of our lawns. Growing conditions, unpredictable southern weather patterns, and even heavy seasonal storms can all take an unexpected toll on our properties and should be considered when developing a fertilization approach.

With that, our skilled and experienced team of lawn care specialists recognizes that every customer’s lawn is unique. Partnering with us means you’ll never have to suffer through one-size-fits-all applications that simply don’t work. We launch every fertilization project with our lawn analysis. This free Coastal Turf service gives our crew direct insight into a wide range of essential property factors, such as:

  • Soil Composition
  • Presence of Disease
  • Insect Threats
  • Growing Conditions
  • Fertilization Needs

Once we’ve thoroughly evaluated your property, Coastal Turf gets to work, developing a customized fertilization strategy based on your lawn’s specific strengths, weaknesses, and threats. We carefully develop a fertilizer blend, mix, and routine that restores the health and strength of your yard with noticeable and sustainable results. Coastal Turf lawn care solutions can quickly and effectively revitalize your home or business property, from root to tip!

Coastal Turf: Our Customer Service Is Second To None

At Coastal Turf, customer service satisfaction is our top priority at all times. Our professionals partner with you throughout every project to not only gauge your lawn’s needs but to also understand your specific property goals, vision, and financial concerns. We arrive on time and complete your project on budget – that’s the Coastal Turf promise!

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