Understanding Aeration and Overseeding with Coastal Turf

If you are a homeowner, you have likely heard of the aeration and overseeding process. But what is it, really? How can it help your grass? How can you determine whether this process is necessary for your unique lawn? Well, luckily, you have stumbled across the Coastal Turf blog of the month, where we are dedicating this space to help our clients and potential clients to understand why, how, and when aeration and overseeding is best for them.

Starting With the Basics of Aeration
Aeration is generally the part that is recommended to begin with. This is because it essentially creates space in compact soil for more nutrients, air, and water to flow through more easily. This process is essentially done by pulling up the soil from about one to six inches beneath the surface level of your turf. This level is optimal, and if your turf doesn’t allow you to penetrate more than one to two inches, it is a strong sign that the entire aeration process needs to be done. Once your entire turf is open, it will be the best time to start the overseeding process.

Getting to Know Overseeding
Overseeding can be done without aeration. However, it is not usually recommended. When the seed is laid out on soil that is heavily compacted, it is less likely to boost the growth and overall health of your turf. Since the primary purpose of aeration is to allow all the components that you apply to your turf to absorb better, overseeding will naturally take much more easily when it comes time to utilize the seeding. Coastal Turf always recommends doing these in this order for better results.

Indicators for Aeration and Overseeding
There are a few reasons that homeowners will choose to aerate and overseed their lawns. Some will include:

  • Preventing soil erosion
  • Avoiding or curing thatch build-up
  • Curing compacted soil (when you cannot reach more than 1-2 inches beneath the surface)
  • Avoiding patchy or sparse turf
  • To create insect resistance
  • To create lawn disease resistance
  • Preventing weeds
  • Thickening the overall turf

These are incredible reasons to choose to have your turf aerated and overseeded. Coastal Turf can help each client with both of these processes, and we have a wealth of knowledge to share on how to keep up with your lawn afterward!

Ready to Take Control of Your Lawn’s Health?

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