Coastal Turf knows that your lawn is so
much more than just grass, trees, and shrubs.

Tree & Shrub Care

At Coastal Turf, we believe that trees and shrubs play a key role in how you and your family enjoy your lawn. Large plantings and ornamental landscapes offer far more than just aesthetic appeal here in the Lowcountry. Well-maintained trees and shrubs deliver a multitude of significant benefits. From filtering out toxins in the air we breathe to providing a shady reprieve from the South Carolina heat, our landscapes are investments that deserve thorough and effective care that helps them thrive all year round.

Let Coastal Turf Keep Your Trees And Shrubs Healthy

Unfortunately, many home and business owners don’t give the trees and shrubs in their yards the care they need until a problem arises – and by then it may be too late. Don’t risk the health and longevity of your ornamental landscapes. Partner with Coastal Turf, a leading provider of full-scale, customized Tree & Shrub care solutions here in Charleston.

As a leading turf care provider with over 20 years of industry experience, Coastal Turf recognizes that your large plantings do not have the same care needs as your lawn. We offer a full menu of treatment applications explicitly designed to help the decorative plants on your home and business property successfully withstand a litany of outside threats, such as:


Here in South Carolina, insects can pose a major problem to our trees and shrubs. Aphids, caterpillars, beetles, whiteflies, and scales are just some of the many bugs that may be affecting the landscapes in your yard.


Blight, rot, fungus – your trees and shrubs may be fighting a multitude of conditions that are common in our region. When left untreated, these illnesses can cause irreparable damage.

Drought Stresses

Our dry season can wreak havoc on our large plants and shrubs. Drought stress can induce excessive browning and dying foliage. Not having access to necessary water can also make Southern landscapes highly susceptible to root damage, structural deterioration, pests, and disease.

Coastal Turf Solutions Begin With Our Property Evaluation

At Coastal Turf, we begin our Tree & Shrub treatment process with our property assessment to gain complete insight on what’s threatening your ornamental landscapes. From there, we’ll develop a comprehensive, customized service program designed for your yard’s distinctive needs.

Coastal Turf’s trained and innovative tree/shrub specialists create a scheduled feeding of your decorative plantings to drive optimal vegetation health and continuity. We develop a custom-blend of fertilizers combined with insect and disease control to keep your landscapes vibrant and robust throughout every season. The Coastal Turf team can help secure your complete landscape environment with stronger, healthier, more beautiful trees and shrubs that you’ll appreciate (and love showing off) for years to come – you can count on it!

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