Spring Weed Control Tips For South Carolina Lawns

Throughout the year, weeds are a continuous problem for South Carolina homeowners. There are many ways weeds can sneak into your yard, including the wind, birds, or your lawnmower can bring weed seeds to your lawn. When weed seeds bed down in your soil, they can remain dormant for years waiting for the right time to germinate. Weeds are an inevitable part of maintaining a lawn, but you can make them more manageable by following these spring weed control tips.

Pre-Emergent Control

When it comes to spring weed control, timing is of the essence. The majority of the weeds you will encounter over the summer stem from the current seeds bedded down in your soil. Once temperatures warm up, these seeds will germinate. Left alone, these weeds will deposit even more seeds down into your grass. 

By using pre-emergent weed control, you can nip the problem in the bud. Applying pre-emergent weed control prevents weed seeds from germinating. This allows your grass to thicken up during its most vulnerable time. Thick and healthy lawns can prevent future weeds from growing by blocking sunlight from reaching the soil. Pre-emergent weed control is one of the most important and effective steps you can take in the war on weeds and should be added to your spring checklist.

Keep Your Grass Healthy

After applying pre-emergent weed control, it’s time to focus on keeping your grass healthy. Remember, a healthy lawn is a weed-free lawn. To keep your lawn healthy, be sure you follow proper irrigation techniques. Only water early in the morning so your grass can dry out before night time and set your mower height to high to encourage your grass to thicken up.



Mulch is great for highlighting your flower beds and trees but it also works great at preventing weeds. Only a few inches of mulch is enough to block the precious sunlight weed seeds need to germinate. You can also use a fabric or plastic weed barrier for added protection.

Spot Treating

After the pre-emergent does its job, it’s time to be on the lookout for weeds that sneak in during the summer. Weeds that are carried in by the wind or birds after the pre-emergent has been applied will not be affected and can take root. It’s your job to spray them with post-emergent weed control as soon as you see them. The goal is to prevent them from going to seed in the fall. Spot treating will further decrease the number of weeds in your yard and set you up for a great start next year.

Hire A Professional Lawn Care Company

Spring weed control can be a lot of work. If you are in over your head with weeds, then call the professionals at Coastal Turf. With our weed control program, we can keep your lawn looking thick and healthy all year long. 

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