Spring Lawn Preparation Tips for a Healthy Start to the Year

With spring fast approaching, it’s time to get your South Carolina lawn ready to grow. Spring lawn preparation is an essential step in an effective lawn care strategy and sets your lawn up for a healthy and productive year. By giving your lawn a healthy foundation from the start of the growing season, you’re encouraging strong growth and a healthier lawn. Here are a few spring lawn preparation tips to help give your South Carolina lawn a healthy start to the year.


Clean Up Your Lawn

First on our list is a good, thorough cleaning. This means raking up any leaves, branches, or twigs on the lawn and disposing of them. By leaving lawn debris on the grass, you’re encouraging the growth of fungus or even a pest infestation. Without those possible fungal infections and pest infestations, your lawn is free to grow without any stress at all. This is also a great time to trim your trees, shrubs, and bushes.

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Early Spring Weed Control Strategy

With the right spring lawn preparation strategy, you can eliminate weeds, like chickweed, from your South Carolina lawn.

Having an early spring weed control strategy is a great way to prepare for spring lawn care. With a proper plan of attack, you can defend your lawn from the coming invasion of spring weeds. Starting with pre-emergent weed control is an excellent way to prevent most grassy weed seeds from sprouting. This should only be used before any weeds have sprouted as it will not work on a growing weed. Investing in weed control services near you is a perfect way to ensure your lawn has the early spring weed control it needs to grow nice and strong. With a strong spring weed control strategy, you’ll have a much easier time in the summer and fall.


Spring Irrigation Strategy

Another important step in early spring lawn preparation is setting up an irrigation strategy. Proper irrigation is one of the most important elements of effective lawn care. By establishing your plan early, you’ll ensure your lawn gets the water it needs right when it needs it. Lawns must only be watered in the early morning. This allows enough time for any excess water to dry up before the sun sets. Wet grass overnight is a beacon for a nasty fungal infection. The grass only needs about one inch of water every week and this can come from the rain or your own irrigation system. To measure the amount of water your lawn gets, place a can on the lawn while it’s raining or being watered.


Aerate Your Lawn

One of the absolute best lawn care services is aeration. Aerating your lawn pulls up plugs of compacted soil, allowing your roots more space to grow and easier access to everything the grass needs. Because we typically have warm-season grasses in our lawn, the best time to aerate your lawn in South Carolina is in the late spring. A great tip in early spring lawn preparation is to invest in lawn services near you by scheduling your aeration appointment now to beat the rush.


Early Spring Mosquito Prevention

Finally, we need to address the mosquito in the room. Spring lawn preparation isn’t finished until you’ve established your mosquito control strategy. The best way to control mosquitoes is to prevent them and the best way to prevent them is to disrupt their life cycle. You can do this by eliminating any standing water around your property. Check for pots, buckets, wheelbarrows, and anything else that collects water. Dumping these out once a week prevents mosquito eggs from being laid and hatching. Mosquito eggs only need 7-10 days to hatch and fully mature into an adult mosquito, so empty that standing water every week.


Invest in Year-Round Lawn Care Services From Coastal Turf

If you’re looking for lawn care services near you, then you’re in luck. Coastal Turf offers lawn care services designed for our South Carolina lawns. From lawn care programs and mosquito control programs to aeration services and tree care, Coastal Turf has it all. Call today to get the best lawn care in South Carolina.


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