Coastal Turf knows that your lawn is so
much more than just grass, trees, and shrubs.
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Sod Installation

Coastal Turf delivers customized sod installation solutions to home and business owners throughout the Greater Charleston area. As the Lowcountry’s first choice in lawn care, Coastal Turf is dedicated to providing our customers with the very best value in premium quality sod installations. When working with Coastal Turf for a sod installation plan, you can count on first-rate products, services, and price points for exceptional customer experience from start to finish.

Coastal Turf Sod Installation: We Carefully Assess Your Greater Charleston Property

With over 20+ years of industry experience, Coastal Turf knows firsthand that, when it comes to successful lawn care, there’s no such thing as a “standard” solution. Our sod installation services are no exception. We run a thorough property evaluation to understand your lawn’s specific composition, strengths, and weaknesses to develop a customized approach to your sod installation.

At Coastal Turf, when installing a new lawn, we make protecting as much of your property as possible our top priority. Our team of trained and qualified specialists will pinpoint various features in your lawn to avoid during our installation. Coastal Turf will work with you to flag specific yard components such as:

  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Electric Dog Fences
  • Termite Bait stations
  • Shallow Wires
  • Valve Boxes

Additionally, Coastal Turf will do everything we can to avoid interrupting any of your wired services. Water, gas, and power lines are required to be deeper than our team needs to dig during and installation. We will carefully and systematically dig to help ensure that’s, indeed, the case on your property to minimize unnecessary disruption and inconvenience throughout the process.

Coastal Turf: Our Sod Installation Process

Our Sod Installation service includes properly preparing the soil, fertilizing and laying your sod, watering the sod thoroughly, and more to attain the best results possible. Our process involves:

Remove Vegetation

In most cases, we begin by using a sod cutter to remove current vegetation without changing the grade of your property.

Resolve Depressions

Removing existing turf can cultivate the soil, causing slight depressions. Coastal Turf will address any cultivation issues, redistributing the disrupted dirt for an even final look.

Eliminate Debris

Once we’ve evened out the soil, the Coastal Turf team will rake up and remove debris from the site

Typically, the installed sod grows with your existing soil, making additional topsoil unnecessary. However, if new soil needs to be added, Coastal Turf will put it in your proposal to manage your project expectations. It’s just one of the ways our reliable team ensures your complete satisfaction from beginning to end.

Aftercare For Your Sod Installation

After the completion of your sod installation, Coastal Turf’s team will collaborate with you to ensure you have all the information you need to help your new grass thrive. While it’s up to our customers to manage their irrigation systems and verify water amounts, we’ll supply you with watering and care instructions to make the post-install process as seamless as possible.

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