Keep Your Trees Safe During the Cool-Weather Season

Generally, South Carolina has got the good end of the stick. We rarely see temperatures below 55 degrees in November, which honestly makes it a lot easier to live here and enjoy the outdoors all year long. With the pandemic going on longer than anyone has imagined before, most people are spending time outdoors now more than ever. While most people know that their garden isn’t supposed to be blooming all year long, that isn’t always the case here in South Carolina, and it isn’t the case for trees and shrubs either.

While they are both plants, they aren’t the same, and they definitely don’t have the same care plans. A lot can happen to your trees and shrubs, and if they are suffering, you might not know it until it’s too late. But don’t worry, there are a number of things you can do to ensure your trees and shrubs are adequately surviving throughout the entire year. And not only that, these tips will ensure your greenery is the healthiest it can be!

Begin with Deep-Root Feedings

Basically, it’s time to start thinking more about the root health than any other part of your tree. Health starts at the root. When you choose to deep-root feed, or as some refer to it, deep-root fertilize, you are truly feeding your trees and shrubs from the bottom up, ensuring that they are healthy throughout. When you deep-root feed, you are essentially injecting fertilized directly into the soil, about 14 inches down beneath surface level. To ensure that no parts of the trees and shrubs roots are missed, the process is done in a grid pattern. This way, no part of the tree will have to fight for nutrients.

Don’t Forget to Prune Your Trees!

Pruning is a pretty fancy way of saying trimming or shaping your trees. While there are many more rhymes and reasons to it, the basics are the same. When you choose to prune your trees in the fall, you’ll be saving yourself quite a bit of hassle in the summer. It’s extremely hot in South Carolina during the summer, and if you choose to do it in the cool, 55-degree weather, you won’t have to risk dehydration to take care of your greenery. Additionally, you will be preventing disease much earlier than it can come. Insects usually bring tree disease, and if you are taking care of your pruning beforehand, they won’t have anywhere to live and your trees will be protected.

Ready to Focus on the Health and Wellness of Your Trees and Shrubs? 

The best way to protect your trees and shrubs is by maintaining their health and supplying them with the nutrients they need to remain vibrant and healthy. A robust tree is much more able to fight off disease than one that is weak and fragile. At Coastal Turf, we provide a comprehensive, customized tree and shrub care program designed to fit your needs. Our program includes a custom-blend fertilizer combined with insect and disease control to keep your tree and shrubs protected year-round. Request a free estimate and contact Coastal Turf to find out more about our tree and shrub care program.