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Insect Control

Are bugs and pests damaging your South Carolina lawn? Coastal Turf completely understands. Here in The Lowcountry, the bugs love our South Carolina sunshine just as much as we do. Insect activity is a year-round problem for homeowners in the area. Whether it be root damage from mole crickets or devoured grass from armyworms, Coastal Turf has the solution for you!

If you’re tired of letting local bugs overrun your meticulously maintained lawn, you need Coastal Turf’s insect control services. As a leading South Carolina lawn and landscape provider, Coastal Turf makes it our top priority to help our customers maintain the health and beauty of their lawns and outdoor living spaces at all times. We offer insect control services designed to target a multitude of pests, including:


Fire Ants

These aggressive bugs are not your typical South Carolina ants. When fire ants swarm, they can pose a severe threat to your family and pets. These nasty critters have even been known to attack livestock, inflicting everything in its path with painful stings. Coastal Turf technicians have received the very latest training in fire ant safety to quickly and effectively eliminate them from your yard.


Fleas can be more than a nuisance to our four-legged family members. These creepy crawlers can ignite several health conditions including dermatitis, tapeworms, anemia, and more. Our insecticide treatments will help reduce the population of fleas to keep them off of your beloved pets.


These dreadful parasites transmit a multitude of serious and potentially fatal diseases. Lyme disease, Anaplasmosis, and Bourbon virus – the list of tick-borne illnesses seems to grow every year. Coastal Turf’s insect control solutions can reduce the presence of these vermin to help keep you and your family safe.

Mole Crickets

Mole crickets tunnel under the surface of your lawn, devouring root systems and compromising the overall strength and health of your lawn. Our experienced lawn care specialists reduce mole cricket swarms and develop a comprehensive care approach to revitalize your lawn.


Don’t let the name fool you – armyworms are caterpillars. They are hungry, insatiable, and persistent, devouring everything in their path. Coastal Turf’s thorough insect control strategies can minimize these voracious hatchlings from making a meal of your grass.

Chinch bugs

Let’s face it – chinch bugs are the worst. The vile critters suck grass dry, injecting a toxin into the blades that can quickly kill entire lawn patches. Not on our watch. Coastal Turf’s insect control services eradicate chinch bug swarms so you can take back your backyard.

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