Give the Gift of a Luxurious and Healthy Lawn This Holiday Season

This holiday season, try something a little different when thinking of your holiday gifts. Think green. Give the gift of a luxurious and healthy lawn with a lawn care program from Coastal Turf. Lawn care is the perfect gift for someone who doesn’t have the energy or time to continuously maintain their lawn. It also works for new homeowners who haven’t had the time to plan out their lawn care. It could even be the perfect gift for you. Here are a few reasons why you should give the gift of a lawn care program from Coastal Turf.

Start With a Lawn Analysis

Here at Coastal Turf, we know that no two lawns are alike. That’s why we start every lawn care project with a Lawn Analysis. Our lawn specialists get to know your property. We look at factors like soil composition, insect threats, presence of lawn disease or insect infestations, and growing conditions. From there, we’re able to create a customized plan to ensure your individual lawn gets exactly what it needs when it needs it.

Customized Year-Round Fertilization

After the Lawn Analysis, the Coastal Turf team of experts get to work developing the perfect fertilization program for your lawn. This customized fertilization program is made with a mix of our market-leading liquid and granular fertilizers to best suit your lawn. We aim to help your lawn quickly green up in the spring, grow throughout the year, and boost your root growth to create a more healthy turf. This will result in a beautiful and strong lawn.

Weed Control for Your Unique Lawn

Give the gift of a lawn care program from Coastal Turf and help someone you love achieve a dandelion-free lawn here in Charleston, SC.
Not only will we customize the fertilization program, but we’ll also customize the weed control program too because no two situations are the same. Our Lawn Analysis will give us insight into the weed situation in your yard. From here, we can formulate the best plan of attack to clear out the weeds and the best way to defend against new weeds from invading. In the end, you’ll have a beautiful and weed-free lawn.

Our services don’t stop there. We have plenty of more options to complement our lawn care program.

Give the Gift of a Customized Lawn Care Program From Coastal Turf

A lawn care program should be as unique as the lawn it’s treating. Here at Coastal Turf, we start every lawn care program with a Lawn Analysis to ensure every lawn gets the best possible program. This holiday season, give the gift of a customized lawn care program from Coastal Turf.

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