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Fungus Control

Have you been working hard to maintain your lawn, but still can’t get it to thrive? Or, maybe you’ve noticed your formerly lush grass is suddenly looking limp and growing in bare patches? Your property may be fighting a fungal infection.

Some telltale signs of lawn fungus include:

  • Brown Patches
  • Leaf Spots
  • Circular Patches
  • Discoloration

Property fungus is common here in South Carolina, where our lawns are naturally full of various spores and fungi. However, certain conditions can trigger a significant grass fungus, leaving our yards and gardens highly susceptible to a wide range of lawn fungus. Some common causes of lawn fungus include:

  • Drought Stresses
  • Compacted Soil
  • Excessive Watering
  • Wrong Grass Type for Your Yard Conditions
  • Over-Fertilization
  • Extreme Weather Patterns

Even routine maintenance methods like lawn mowing (or more specifically, over-mowing) can promote the growth of fungus and subsequent disease throughout your South Carolina property.

Coastal Lawn: We Treat A Wide Range Of Southern Lawn Fungus

Fortunately, here in Lowcountry, home and business owners don’t have to simply endure an unsightly, sickly yard full of fungus. Partnering with Coastal Turf, Charleston’s go-to resource for all things lawn care is the first step in reversing your dull, damaged, and deteriorating turf. We offer innovative, effective treatments and solutions that target unwanted fungus to revitalize your property and bring it back to life.

Coastal Turf’s team of trained specialists treats a wide range of common lawn fungi including:

  • Brown Patch
  • Dollar Spot
  • Gray Leaf Spot
  • Large Patch

Coastal Turf uses the very latest equipment, strategies, and techniques to quickly and effectively stop the spread of disease throughout your residential or commercial properties. No matter what’s plaguing your lawn, Coastal Turf will develop a versatile solution, using premium quality products and cutting edge equipment that puts your yard back on track to health and longevity.

Coastal Turf: The Coastal Difference

At Coastal Turf, we know that, when it comes to selecting a lawn care provider, you have choices. We make service excellence our top priority throughout every client engagement. We begin every service with our unique property assessment to gain a big-picture insight on your yard’s specific layout, compromises, vulnerabilities, and potential threats. We use this thorough, systematic lawn evaluation to develop a customized approach that optimizes the look, feel, and health of your yard.

Of course, our property examination isn’t our only differentiator. At Coastal Turf, we make it our mission to build long-lasting, sustainable partnerships with all of our customers. We never force fit strategies and services on our home and business clients. Instead, we take the time to understand your specific vision and financial concerns. Coastal Turf will work closely with you to align our full menu of services with your goals and budget to ensure you receive the best results and value possible.

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