Cool-Weather Weeds in South Carolina

South Carolina is its own unique state with unique weeds that come with it. Because of its prolonged warm weather, the cool-season brings specific weeds that can be tough to combat when you don’t know what you are looking for. The best way to have a good preventative approach is to equip yourself with the knowledge to seek out and stop weeds before they happen. 

The Bittercress Weed 

Standing anywhere from three to nine inches tall in just its stem and it thrives in moisture, so it’s likely to show up right around the end of August or September. The Bittercress weed grows spiky leaves and tiny white flowers that sprout from them. The stems will then grow seed pods and release them when ready, creating an ongoing cycle of the Bittercress weed. 

The Carolina Geranium

This weed will be the least of your worries, as pulling it out by its root usually gets the job done for good. You can spot the Carolina Geranium by its red-colored stem and the soft pink leaves of its flower. As a smaller weed, it sprouts only about one inch tall, with the leaves only taking up about three inches in diameter. 

The Hairy Vetch 

This is sometimes planted on farms because it is strong enough to handle the traffic of animals and farmers. It additionally provides a beautiful light purple or lavender colored flower when it grows. However, don’t let its beauty and strength throw you off – this Hairy Vetch weed can be harmful to animals like horses, who will chew through it and end up with the core of it stuck in their stomachs. It can also take over your other plants and trees, or even get caught within farming machinery, leaving you to repair hundreds of dollars worth of equipment. 

The Dead Nettle

This weed is often referred to as a plant, but it does grow as a wild one and is often found in the common home garden. It isn’t as sought-after as another home garden plant because of its ability to take over other plants quickly. Its flowers tend to look like snapdragons and reach just a mere one inch long. The Latin term for this plant is Lamium. Most property owners want this removed to boost their garden’s curbside appeal and encourage their chosen plants to bloom. 

Ready to Combat Your Cool-Weather Weeds? 

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