Coastal Turf knows that your lawn is so
much more than just grass, trees, and shrubs.

Core Aeration

A life spent here in the Lowcountry is a life spent outside in the beautiful South Carolina sunshine. Our gorgeous Southern weather means that our grass, beds, and gardens aren’t just decorative property features. Our lawns are truly outdoor living spaces where we entertain, relax, and host our friends, families, and loved ones.

Is Your Outdoor Lifestyle Impacting The Health Of Your Charleston Property?

Unfortunately, sometimes there’s a downside to enjoying our lawns on a year-round basis. Many home and business owners in the Greater Charleston region eventually begin to see signs of ground compaction and thatch on some of the property’s high traffic areas. When left compacted, soil and excessive thatch buildup can prevent absorption of air, water, and nutrients, depriving the soil and root system of what it needs most to keep your grass and plants healthy.

Not sure if compacted soil and thatch are damaging your lawn? Some common signs of compacted soil include:

  • Shallow rooting of shrubs and trees
  • Completely bare lawn spots (where even the weeds can’t grow)
  • Firm soil that’s too tough to dig in with a shovel
  • Pooling of water in low-grade areas
  • Water running off the topsoil in higher areas

If this sounds like the current condition of your South Carolina lawn, it may be time for a core aeration service from Coastal Turf.

Coastal Turf’s Professional Aeration Services Can Revitalize Your Charleston Lawn

Coastal Turf delivers innovative core aeration services to home and business owners throughout the Greater Charleston area. At Coastal Turf, we have extensive experience using core aeration to treat even the most concentrated areas of soil compaction and thatch. Our team of skilled specialists understands that, just like transplanting your favorite houseplant when it needs a larger pot, your lawn needs “breathing room” to grow and thrive.

Coastal Turf’s professional aeration services do precisely that – but on a much larger scale. Our lawn aeration solutions systematically remove soil cores, loosening up compacted dirt to instantly increase its ability to transfer air, water, and food to the root system. This redistribution of essential nutrients encourages the grass to produce new shoots and roots that fill up the holes in the lawn and increase turf density for thick, lush noticeable results.

Coastal Turf: Year-Round Lawn And Turf Care Solutions

At Coastal Turf, we recommend a professional core aeration service once a year to keep your lawn looking its best. However, we also know that consistent aeration is often not enough to promote vibrant turf throughout every season. As a leading provider of innovative lawn care services, Coastal Turf offers a full-scope menu of lawn care solutions that, when used with core aeration treatments, can fortify and revitalize your property for long-term, sustainable impact.

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