How To Set Your 2020 Lawn Care Priorities for a Beautiful and Healthy Lawn

Now that it’s the new year, let’s set our 2020 lawn care priorities. Setting your priorities early helps you create a game plan for your lawn care in 2020. By setting the right priorities, creating a lawn care plan, and following through, you’ll finally achieve the beautiful lawn of your dreams. Here are a few tips for setting your 2020 lawn care priorities.

Priority 1: A Balanced Nutrition for Your Lawn

One of the most essential 2020 lawn care priorities is to properly fertilize your lawn throughout the year.
The first of your 2020 lawn care priorities should be to ensure your lawn gets balanced nutrition throughout the year. Your grass is a living thing that requires nutrients to live, grow, and thrive. Without the right nutrients (or with the wrong nutrients at the wrong time) your lawn health will decline.

Having your lawn on a consistent fertilization schedule helps establish a healthy foundation. From this foundation, your lawn will be able to strengthen, grow, and become more beautiful. The fertilization schedule for your lawn depends on the grass type and region you live and when you apply these fertilizers depend on the seasonal needs of your turf. Spring fertilizers are very different than summer and fall fertilizers.

In order to make sure you get the fertilization schedule right, it’s best to call in the experts. With a lawn care program from Coastal Turf, our experts will perform a lawn analysis to determine what your individual lawn needs. From there, we develop the perfect schedule for your lawn.

Priority 2: Turf Your Lawn Into a Weed-Free Zone

Turning your lawn into a weed-free zone is priority number two. Weeds cause nothing but trouble for your lawn. They compete with the grass for nutrients, water, sunlight, and space. A weed-infested lawn is far less healthy than a weed-free lawn. The more weeds in your lawn increase your chances of developing a lawn disease or pest infestation. Weed control should definitely be one of your 2020 lawn care priorities.

Consistent weed control is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy lawn. Keeping the competition out of your lawn allows your grass to grow strong and stay beautiful. Use pre-emergent herbicides in the early spring to get ahead of the first wave of weeds. Pre-emergents create a barrier around the dormant seeds in your lawn, stopping them from ever sprouting. After that, use post-emergent herbicides to spot treat throughout the summer and into the fall. Finish the year with fall broadleaf weed control for complete protection.

Priority 3: Refresh Your Lawn with Aeration

The final priority is to refresh your lawn once a year with aeration. Aerating your lawn frees it from the troubles of compacted soil and excess thatch. This once-per-year service is one of the best things you can do for your lawn all year.

By removing plugs of compacted soil, you’re giving your grass roots more space to stretch out and grow as deep as they can. The deeper your roots, the healthier and more resilient the lawn. Core aeration also allows for easy access to water, nutrients, and air. The result is a healthier and stronger lawn.

Coastal Turf Can Help With Your 2020 Lawn Care Priorities

After setting your 2020 lawn care priorities, call up the experts to help you put your plans into action. A lawn care program from Coastal Turf has everything you need to achieve a healthy and beautiful lawn. Fertilization, weed control, and aeration are just a few of the premium services we offer. Don’t wait, call today and get set up for your lawn care program for 2020.

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