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In the Lowcountry, keeping your yard in good shape can be a challenge.

Insects, diseases, weeds, wildlife, and even the weather can mar the beauty of a well-kept yard.

Our qualified team of lawn specialists can help you protect your lawn and garden from common problems.


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At Coastal Turf, we specialize in the following Lawn Care Services:



Lawn Fungus

Tree & Shrub Care

Weed Control


Disease Control

Sod Installation

Insect Control


Core Aeration

PH & Soil Analysis

Very few lawn care services do more than simply dump chemicals on the lawn and make sure they have your credit card on file. Not so with Coastal Turf. They came out, walked the lot, took soil samples and described what was needed to get the lawn in our new home to look better, thicker and be free of weeds. They offered several suggestions as to courses of treatment and when’s and why’s as to applications and the frequency of their being applied. I can’t say enough good things about Coastal Turf…the builder, however, not so much!

Jim C

Coastal Turf in my opinion is the best lawn service in the Charleston area. I am pleased and impressed with the service they provide me. They are courteous, knowledgeable, and they treat my lawn like their own.

Sharon F

Coastal Turf has been very responsive to my needs. I use their lawn and shrub service and they have been very consistent in showing up on schedule for the applications. When weeds show up in the yard, they will send a serviceman to view the yard and take the necessary steps to solve the problem. On some occasions the owner has come to my house to see the weed issue and discussed the recommended course of action. This is a great local company with great local people, with a focus on personalized service. Try them.

Joe M


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